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Everyone deserves for home to be the best retreat of all. Whether you’re looking to embark on a complete renovation or you’d like to give your existing space a fresh start, I can help. Together we’ll create a sense of effortless comfort, function and wellbeing in your home—one that truly reflects you and your lifestyle. Your home should be your ultimate favorite place.

Since receiving my ICEOS Certification in Interior Design and Home Styling, I live to help people truly love their homes. My specialties are in contemporary and transitional design with a focus on light, airy spaces that provide a calming retreat. It’s my true belief that beautiful design isn’t reserved for vacation homes or for the ultra-wealthy. Beautiful design is for everyone, and for every home

xo Leann

Behind the Scenes

Cozy, inviting, comforting. Your home is the place where loved ones gather to celebrate and create cherished memories, and the place where you seek refuge from the world. It should warmly embrace you, evoke feelings of happiness and love, and authentically reflect your lifestyle and personality.

West Eleven Services

As a Residential Interior Designer, I combine a technical background in engineering with my unique SoCal style to design light and airy interiors for busy professionals. It’s important to me to provide a service that lends a holistic approach, eliminating stress and hassle so that clients can relax and focus on their excitement for the final reveal.


A combination of 3D models and mood boards allow for you to easily visualize design concepts and how they will look in your home.


From ordering and receiving to revising errors and damaged product you can sit back and know that all the common headaches are handled and completely off your plate.


If you’re wondering if the final reveal is just like you see on TV, it is! Typically clients enjoy a full family day together while my team works behind the scenes to bring our design vision to life. At the end of the day, you’ll return to a glass of champagne and the exciting reveal of your new home.


“Leann has a great eye and super kind personality that makes working with her so pleasant. She’s fast, knows her craft and truly made a HUGE difference in adding some great design elements to our vacation rental. Not to mention my Thanksgiving table looked amazing thanks to some tips I implemented from her blog. We’re currently working on my kitchen remodel and I can’t wait for the final result! I definitely recommend working with her.”

Vanessa P.

“My husband and I had been in our house we built for about a year, we were really struggling on making the open concept living room kitchen feel like a finished room and both have different taste. We had never used a interior designer before. Leann was great!! She really listened to what we were looking for and walked us through every step of the way. She stayed in contact with us through the whole process, and even after the project was completed I had questions and she always got right back to me. Leann Thank You so much!”

Bill & Linda N.

“Leann was wonderful to work with! She listened to my visions and then created a well detailed layout as to what I envisioned! She was always prompt and professional and worked fast, never waiting for her to follow up. Before hiring Leann, I was overwhelmed trying to piece everything in my home together and Leann took that stress away. I look forward to continuing to work with her, it really was a great experience!”

Katie W.

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